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Saturday, June 30, 2001

Well it's a wonderfully happy Saturday morning and I'm at work, half sober. Man am I going to regret this. A little bit of news, I was just indoctrinated into The Church of the Gerbil. I am to now go forth and spread the word of Gerbil. OK, well I think I'm going to go pass out on a shelf now.

seen this way @ 11:25 AM EST by Sean

Friday, June 29, 2001

WOW!!! I just spoke to a dead woman, well she's wasn't dead, yet! She asked us if "they" could tell by your federal ID # that you were a whistle blower. How the hell should I know!!! But then, she continued to tell us about how she has put judges in jail for selling SS#'s. What the HELL?!!?!?! Now why did she feel that she had to tell us this? I really would like to know. Oh and to all those "they" out there, I know nothing...

Also, why does the word "them" sound so bad when it has quotes around it?

seen this way @ 1:49 PM EST by Sean

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Well I got a haircut... and I feel a lot better now. Work is Work, but not too bad... at least it's almost over. I'm going to Illinois next Tuesday to see my brother and have a vacation... it should be good fun. For some reason I am tired all of a sudden, and I don't know why. Well I think that's all my brain will allow me to say right now.

seen this way @ 6:04 PM EST by Sean

Yet another new Blog to tell everyone about. Well sleep time, I think I may get a haircut tomorrow... and I'll have a story to post once I get to work as well... just remember, "pig on toast".

seen this way @ 2:18 AM EST by

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Well I successfully played around with some of the HTML stuff with this site, i.e. the name/time change and the mail link. Who knows maybe I'll do even more, well I plan on it, just when and what, I don't know. As they say, "No News is Good News" and thus is the story of my existence. Wait, who actually said that, I don't think I agree with them. Ok here goes...

RICH!, a friend of mine, just came up to me from the back room after getting a drink of water. He comes bearing an empty Coke bottle filled with water. Meanwhile, I'm ringing out a customer, and I give him the "thumbs up" and say, "Good idea." His reply was, "Yeah it's the new Crystal Coke." So I chuckled, and the customer said, "What's it taste like?" My immediate response was, "Water." And he looked at me funny and I said, "Cause that's what it is." Boy doesn't he feel dumb...

Ok, another customer related thing... So I'm sitting up front, right, and the register is on my right with a cashier sitting next to it and people constantly stop at my computer as if to pay. So all the time I am saying, "He can help you over there, I don't have any money."

Sigh, people....

seen this way @ 5:48 PM EST by Sean

So, for some reason, I'm wound up like a spring or something today. Don't ask me why, I got sleep, and I feel pretty good this morning, but I don't know. My brain is running a mile a minute right now, between this girl I like and between what I want to do with it right now. sigh... just big sigh!!! Well, I'm thinking about shaving my head, but I don't know yet, I don't know how I'd look with a shaved head. My brother has one, well now he has a green mohawk, he's had all different kinds of hair. He's a good guy, I love him a lot, he's my role model, I just wish I could be a little more like him. Well, I think I'm rambling, so I should leave, but first...

Top 5 things of today

5) Two heads are better than one. Read an article in the most recent issue of Maxim.

4) Annoying co-workers are a given at any place of business, esp. mine.

3) Stupid customers call all the time.

2) Work is not needed, unless you need money.

And the # 1 thing for today is....

1) I need to get laid!

Ok, fine so it wasn't all philosophical and all, but it was good... maybe the following ones will contain better stuff, oh yeah read the post about the Gay Scouts. It's some good stuff, I was in on this work conversation, and had to bite my tongue. Enjoy

seen this way @ 1:53 PM EST by Sean

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

One more site of the day: RICH!

And i think that's all for today, but watch, I'll be on tonight too.

seen this way @ 4:37 PM EST by Sean

Go to this site and type in ANY url and it will create a read only copy of the site with replacement words. WARNING not for everyone, like little kids, bunny rabbits or other little sweet and innocent creatures with weak feeble minds. (It contains questionable language) wink wink It's actually a blast, I had a lot of fun with it. I sent Yahoo through it and it cracked me up.

seen this way @ 1:29 PM EST by Sean

Well, I have introduced my friends to blogging, and they seem to like it. sigh... nothing interesting to report as usual. A few sites for you to check out...

1) This Blog belongs to my brother and has a ton of links and other stuff on it. Check it out!

2) This Blog belongs to my boss at the College Store where I work. It's the off campus bookstore for Wright State University. Check these out as well.

Well I think that's it for the early afternoon post, check back later for other posts. I think I'm going to go out to my desk and sleep or daydream, or something. There's absolutely nothing to do around here today.

Oh yeah, and I need to meet a girlfriend...

seen this way @ 1:22 PM EST by Sean

Monday, June 25, 2001

Here I am at work today, and I am bored as hell!!!! Oh well good thing is that I get out of here in about 2 1/2 hours. Well life is dull and boring still, but I did have fun at my game last night. It's a LARP (live action role-playing) for Vampire the Masquerade. I added my level of intrigue last night. I think when I have more time I may put a post up about it, it was a fun night. Well I think I should go and do something here at work, so until next time...

seen this way @ 4:36 PM EST by Sean

Saturday, June 23, 2001

wow, it's been awhile since I've been here. it must have been that blog warming party I threw, I just woke up from it. Well here I am at work on a Saturday, I hate working on Saturdays because they're boring, slow, and uneventful. But I did just get finished eating McDonalds and it was mighty tasty. Hmm, nothing too interesting has happened in most recent days. Sick of work and life and all that jazz but that's the norm of existence. I guess I need something new in my life, though I don't know what it is... if anyone reads this and knows E-mail it to me. Well I guess I will be going now, maybe my future posts will be more philosophical or something, I'll try and work on that.

seen this way @ 3:51 PM EST by Sean



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