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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

No Shit!! This is fucking amazing!! The Real Mach 5. And also Racer X's Shooting Star. Speed Racer is coming back, but with a $125,000 price tag!!! Check out some of the specs here or here.

thanks to Speed Racer Autoworks, LLC and to Fark for the link

seen this way @ 1:26 PM EST by Sean

Monday, April 29, 2002

Well let's see, I saw her again and we talked and, you know, it was cool and what nots. But I am not giving up. I told her to stop by and say bye to me before we left and she said, "Like you can get rid of me that easily." Well she didn't get a chance to stop by and that sucked. But again I say, I am not giving up this easily either. And yes Matt, my ever intelligent brother, I WILL get her number this time. Oh yes, it will be mine, it will be mine. Oh BTW, Matt, I like the new Blog look. So everyone wish me luck in my endeavors and I think this is going to be a common thing that I post about. It's been awhile since I've been this "in love" with someone.

seen this way @ 1:45 PM EST by Sean

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Absolutely So I'm sitting here at work on this pisshole of a Saturday, I did all the work I wanted to do, I looked on the internet incessantly for a few hours, peeled skin off of my sunburn from my drive up to Illinois, smoked 2 cigs, and helped a few damn people who don't know any better than to stay in on a Saturday and decide that they want to come up to the store and ask a thousand questions about something that I've already answered at least twice!!!! Oh yeah, and I'm listening to MIX 107.7's 80's flashback weekend. Boy this is odd. So I'm in one of those moods...

Well last night I was supposed to have a date with this girl that I'm like absolutely head over heals for. Well ok this is how it all started, Thursday night I asked her is she wanted to go to lunch, only like maybe the 4th or 5th time, and like the previous times she said "yes" and that she would call me. Well she hadn't called me before, even though she said she would, but I didn't let that discourage me. So I asked her to lunch around 3:30 and she said that she would call up at work and that it was a date. Well she called a little after 3:30 and it was so great, we talk about a few things and my day got extremely better. I asked if she still wanted to go to lunch and she said, "not right now but how about after you get out of work?" I said ok and she said that she'd call me around 7 or so, after I got out of work, and she made sure to get my numbers, again, so that she could call. So I'm feeling mighty good at this point, cause I've got a fucking date and that is so fucking cool!!! Well, she didn't call... it got to be a little after 9pm I went over to Jeffs and we went and hung out. We went up to where she works and I started drinking, a few... Mind you I didn’t eat dinner because someone didn't call. So I went up to her and said hi and talked for a few but it was almost as if she didn’t have a clue that she didn't call me. So I went back and sat with Jeff and drank, another... And she came over by where we were and I stood up and, walked, over to her and said hi again and made some comment about starting to drink and it was bad because I didn't get to eat any dinner. And she looked up at me and said, "Shit!! I was supposed to call you." "And I said, cause remember I had been drinking and with no food, it hits you quicker, "yeah you were" and I think there was a little more but I can't think of what it was. So ok to make this long ass story a little shorter, I drank a lot more and she walked around and worked and stopped by a few times and what not. And then it's 2am and they're getting ready to close and I wait for her and I get to say bye to her and I told her that I was going to be at work today from 10-5 and she said that she'd call me... hmmm, no call... and we're closing. Maybe there'll be more info after tonight... I let you all know.

seen this way @ 4:59 PM EST by Sean

Thursday, April 25, 2002

I guess I'm not as evil as I thought...

You are 30% evil!

You're still on the good side of 50%, but you're gaining on it. You're not as good as you should be, but you're good ALMOST all of the time. There's only an occasional time when evil takes over you, but when it does...

Well, my emotion is... contentment.
Thanks to Nancy for the quizzes
Edited 6/20/02 due to stupid pictures & links.

seen this way @ 10:38 AM EST by Sean

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Back from da 'nois

Here I am, got in last night from Illinois. Fun time while I was up there. Friday we fixed a crapload of Asian Food and everyone helped and it was really good. Then we went to a late showing of Beetlejuice, fell asleep during part of it, but it was cool anyway seeing it on the big screen. On Saturday we went to a Huge Mall outside of Chicago. Sunday I went to a concert in Chicago with Matt and a friend of his Colin. We saw Assemblage 23, hAUJOBB, and VNV Nation. They were all pretty good, I enjoyed them. The venue was really neat, Park West, kind of an old "club" style setting with a dance floor and stage. There were booths and seats for people to sit and watch everything as well as a balcony. Very interesting. After the concert we loaded up CD's and Blanks and went to the TeleMatics Lab at NIU and burned burned burned. And on Monday I went and sat with Matt in the Writing Center computer lab and then went to Ruby Tuesdays with Molina and had lunch. After we went and rented some DVD's and sat and watched Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back while she worked on her Milton/Paradise Lost paper. Matt got home from teaching and we ate Crab Rangoons and Wantons and watched One Night, At McCools. Matt napped, and then we went to the Annex, a bar, and I had a few Guinesses. Tuesday I drove into Chicago and drove around for a little while, saw the Sears tower, drove under it actually, amongst other sites, and then came home. All and all not too bad of a trip. 012300283588 --thanks to nancy for the Camel Turkish Jade SKU. And that's all for now as I see it.

seen this way @ 1:56 PM EST by Sean

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Well, I have been looking at some gear and i have decided that I am going to play two parts in the electronic music scene.

1) DJ sets. I am going to re-mix other peoples music that I think should be made better. Or could have other options to make the song sound different. Also, everybody loves a DJ. and...
B) Original electronic/digital/analog music. I haven't decided if I want to go full digital. That's what i was thinking at first, but then i found a great analog synth that i want, so now my completly digital setup may be flawed. However i will still continue to use my computer to do most of my music ie. arranging, sampling, looping, whatever, etc.

Now I am posed the major problem, money. All of this equipment is extremly expensive, and I mean expensive.

So I have devised a way to maybe get some $ for this... as this is a not for profit, only to offset the cost, i am asking that anyone who wants to help me can donate to me using PayPal. Also when you sign up you can use my e-mail as a referal and help me out at no charge to you. As most of you who read this know I hate asking for money but i really want to do this and i could use a little extra to get this going. Rest assured that all $ brought in by this will go directly to equipment and software needed to get this project off the ground. Thanks again if you can help.

If you donate to me please include your e-mail or at least some type of contact info and i will find some way to thank you, possibly in the way of cd's or whatever i can think of. Thank you again.

Some Idea of the equipment I would like to attain:

A MIDI Controller/Keyboard/Synth- Price range $159-$9,999
Korg KM-2 KAOSS DJ Mixer
American Audio PSX CD Player with FX just one i looked at any style of CD DJ setup
Turntables... just in case i decide to do "classic" style DJing... doubts, but maybe
Cables, Mics, and other basic equipment

Computer Hardware
Larger HardDrive
More Memory
Processor upgrade
*your basic overhaul!!

Computer Software
Reason, ReBirth, Re-Cycle
Registration $ for Shareware- Price Range $25-$100 each
CuBase VST

Thats a list of what I can think of now. And I'm sure the list will grow as new things cross my path. Hopefully I'll have a few tracks up soon so everyone can check out what it is I'm making.

seen this way @ 11:58 AM EST by Sean



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