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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is here...

Ahhh, tis the first day of spring. A great day to be joyous of all the living growth around us. Spring is a time for new beginnings and change, change set forth by the thawing of winter. Life blooms anew. The future is unwritten and left to be experienced. Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the warmth, enjoy life. Welcome my friend spring & start to grow.

seen this way @ 8:16 PM EST by Sean

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tis the Singin' of the Angels it tis!

Another fine St. Patrick's Day it is. Today is the day when no matter what culture you're actually from you can put on a piece of green and become Irish for 24 hours. So let the Guinness flow, skip the green beer, it'll just do funny things to you later, & maybe have a few Irish Car Bombs. You could always just stick with the hard stuff and consume Jameson. I know I enjoy it. So have fun and be safe. Enjoy the amount of time you can have being Irish for just one day!

seen this way @ 6:57 PM EST by Sean

Why we do the things we do...

So apparently we do shitty things in life. One of those is cause someone worry. That's something that can hurt worse than a dagger. Hey, just to let you know... I'd never have done that.

I care, always have & always will. See you when I see you.

seen this way @ 8:42 AM EST by Sean

Drunk again...

Even though I'm not as drunk as I have been recently. I was drinking tonight. Not to forget, not to kill the pain, but because I haven't been out to the bar with the people I was out with in a long time. It wasn't bad, it was the bar, but it wasn't what I had had once before. All I know is that a lot of feelings that decided to rush back to me after all was said & done has made me feel so outside of everything.

I realized a little while ago that all that was in my mind was a scared little boy in a corner. That I saw, in my mind, a scared little boy, made me think of the way I was making decisions in my life.. it made me question things I had felt about before. It made me see the things that weren't clouded by judgment. I came to conclusions based on how I viewed things.

That what it is @ this hour. I've been talking to someone I haven't asked about or talked to in years. Organized is seeming a lot more there again. Recovering I may be, but reformed I CAN be. G'night from the Mt. Zion that is...

seen this way @ 1:58 AM EST by Sean

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dreams can be tough to swallow...

So last night I dream again, of you. We went to dinner, a real fancy rich place. But i was wearing my COLLEGE shirt & a hat. But the hat started out as a straw or cowboy hat but by the end it was a denim baseball hat. Anyway, thats later, so we were getting our appetizers/first courses & this guy from across the isle looks over @ me and leans into the waitress and orders our table a bottle of wine or champagne, not sure which. I overhear it and ask the waitress how much was that bottle he ordered and she just says fifteen hundred dollars. I tell him we can't accept it and he's getting ready to leave and says in an odd british accent "No, you'll take it, and I'll take something to." As he walked closer to the table and went to shake my hand, he asked my name, All I could say way my first name, I seemed like such a schlub, i didn't stand, I didn't give him my full name. His was some Cherrington or Worthington or some fucking -ton. He took my hat... which had turned out to be my Dad's hat. Then Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon were @ our table with us. The hat he took off my head that started as a straw/cowboy/who knows, was now a nascar hat of an old driver who had died. For some reason the hat was very meaningful to me. He took the hat and said "I'll just take this, besides mine is starting to get all worn out". That was when I noticed he too had a baseball hat on, backwards. I did nothing, I didn't stand up to him or anything.

That's pretty much where things end, JJ got up and did something, I looked @ JG and he asked him if he was going to stop his friend, @ one point I was hot (cause I was drinking) & i took off my shirt in the restaurant; that was odd. I sat there for a good long time it seemed, then i got chilly so I put it back on again. I don't know how to explain anything anymore. i am just stumbling through life, which is fine. I know I love you & I know we'd be happy. I'm not going anywhere, yet...

seen this way @ 9:30 AM EST by Sean

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Simpsons' To Be Ignored By Their Mexcan Counterparts

So another from the news pipeline. The people who have voiced the Simpsons for Mexican TV are planning to boycott the Simpsons movie, due to be released this summer, if they are not allowed to do the voice over work for the film. There was apparently a strike that occurred in 2005 and part of the agreement to end said strike was that they be given the rights to do the voice-over work for the feature film. Not much has really been reported @ this time since no one is willing to discuss it. Damn studios and politics. Bullshit, I say, bullshit!

seen this way @ 8:59 PM EST by Sean

Richard Jeni Dies of Apparent Suicide

Holy Jeebus!!! Richard Jeni died of an apparent suicide today. He was found today by police in his California home gravely injured. He later died @ a nearby hospital. Sweet christ! I can't believe this. Richard Jeni was suck a funny guy & i always hate to hear about suicide, but it's even worse when it happens to Comedians or Actors, people who give entertainment to the world. They should be the most honored, revered, & respected people in our society. Instead they are chased, nit-picked & hounded @ every turn. Most of their problems stem from the fucking Paparazzi & dumb shits that can't give real people space. I won't lie, I want to a famous actor so that I can be seen by everyone. I want to be popular, noticed for my talents. I want to entertain people.

I went through bouts of suicide @ a younger age. I've also helped people through their problems & was able to talk them down from that edge. It hurts me to hear about people willing to remove themselves from our world, our lives. For this I am truly saddened when someone commits suicide. I do understand when things seem so grave that it's not worth continuing life but there's always that silver lining to the dark cloud. Life will go on without this amazing entertainer, life always has, it'll just be a little less funny without his jokes, his smile, & his presence. My heart goes out to his family, may they be able to heal and understand his reasoning for leaving us upon his own accord.

Please remember everyone; laugh, love, & make the best out of life, it's the least we can do for ourselves & everyone around us.

seen this way @ 8:19 PM EST by Sean

So that's Fucked up...

I just had to change my settings on Blogger to get it to recognize Daylight savings time. I assume I'll have to switch it back to Standard when we Fall back? WTF? Oh well, again with the over dramatic, & I'll get over it... It's just that you'd think in this modern ass world something would get it right and... oh, sorry... C-ya guys, peace!

seen this way @ 10:08 AM EST by Sean

Ode to Fucked Up Dreams...

So, I was told to dream of someone. & of course I did. Honestly? My strangest dream to date. Sometimes cartoonish, mainly real life though. Ton's of driving, go fig ;) lol! @ one point it was kinda like that boost mobile commercial when they can see where the other person is on their phone... I was angry cause it was the rehearsal dinner... i was there, which was odd, and I left. Drove around... Columbus. Was parked on the street and finally decided to leave & pull a U-Turn & drive the other direction... when I get a txt and it shows our locations... you were right in front of me. But now i was headed the other direction. After I figured out what that meant I drove everywhere trying to find you again...

...I knew when i fell asleep this morning that what was said would come true... You've been on my mind for such a long time, there's nothing I can do anymore. My dreams are my escape, & i want to escape to you. It's kinda funny, that all I see when I'm awake is you and it even pushes it's way into my dreams. I love it actually...

On an aside, March Forward happened... did every good little blogger & bloggette set their clocks forward if they were suppose to? My iBook and my cable boxes updated on their own... however my phone has still not... I'm a little peeved by that. But, hey, it's technology, it'll get fixed, & I'll get over it!!!!

That's how the hell it is @ this hour of the damned morning. Keeping in mind that damn missing hour from all of our lives that we don't get back until it doesn't really matter much. Hopefully the world hasn't shut down because of it!!!

seen this way @ 9:38 AM EST by Sean

Friday, March 09, 2007

So, tis the end of the book den posts. According to Nebraska Books' new internet usage policy, there is to be NO unauthorized use of the internet while any employee is on the clock. This means all non work related internet use is OFF LIMITS while working. My issue... salary. Technically all salaried employees are on the clock whenever they are in the store, no matter what. And actually it is stated that all salaried employees are ALWAYS on the clack based on the fact that they are paid for the job they can accomplish, not by the hours put in. Apparently there is a tracking program that tracks all internet usage and our file was, to my understanding, very large and if the 'wrong' person saw this it could result in some trouble. So we have decided to avoid @ all cost anything coming down on us and cease all unnecessary internet use. Damn, and I was just getting back into the posting. Oh well... I can do it from mobile i guess or just when i get home, as long as I don't forget, y'know me...

So, I have decided to do it already. Yes that's right, do it. Oh, do what you may ask, sorry, i forgot to be specific. Become a Comedian, hey it's the next best thing to actual acting & the exposure is actually available. I guess, according to other people, I'm a funny guy. I've started to look into the open mic's around my area and all I need to do now is come up with some basic material... i think I may concentrate on a more extemporaneous style. I've been told i can tell a pretty funny story... Hopefully other people will find some of my embellished stories pretty funny too. For now I'm going to start by getting my scripts and finding some of my ideas. I need to figure out some things and clear my thoughts and ultimately, my head first.

seen this way @ 6:47 PM EST by Sean

Thursday, March 08, 2007

So my brain is foggy & my mind is racing. I somehow feel like I'm running with no finish line in sight. Like I'm running without a destination. I'm told to concentrate on work this week, by the powers that be(astrological crud), so I am...

And it's a good thing too b'cause I have a crap ton of stuff to accomplish before the start of next week. @ this point I'm not even sure that I'll be able to accomplish it all. No, wait.. I always have in the past, whats different now? Nothing, that's just it... Nothing. So, scratch all of that, I WILL get my tasks accomplished, I WILL get everything done that I am responsible for. Good, that's said.

Back to the foggy brain... I went out on a drive last night and was intent on eating dinner so I stopped in for some sushi. So amazing was the meal, so expensive was it too. $50 just for me... It helped a little bit, but not enough. Got plans made for me while I was there, which was good cause I needed to get out and do something. All I wanted to be was in someone's arms, not just any someone... some one. This is so hard not to break any of the rules. It's painful when we do & it's so damn difficult to figure out where intentions are, or my main problem, reading way to far into something. All I know is that I don't know. Ben Harper, Johnny Cash, and some other people got it right as far as how things go. They'll get me through anything in life. Music is the ultimate worth... perspective, fresh view, what to fight for, & what it's worth.

Everyone in life makes mistakes. Hell, my mother married the same guy twice, he cheated, lied, & ended up hitting her. He's the reason I can't stand domestic violence & why I can't hit a woman. I just CAN'T... don't call me sexist or anything, it's a moral code... a code of honor. My mother wants to see me happy, I know that. She's better than what she had to go though, but it also taught her a lot about life. I know she wants to love you... and she sees how happy I am in this. I only want to get over you if you want to get over me. That's the final truth. I know this. But I also don't what to have to get over it. That's a fact... & that's my choice.

I realized today... it's March. This year is flying so much quicker than expected. For some reason when I'm with you I don't let it go so fast, the moments are important, it slows everything down to be able to drink in the amazingness of you. I know I'm going to do things for myself more now too. Do the tings I've been putting off for far to long now. I remember why I started this, for me. And I've been robbing this from myself. No longer. I've come up with a new term for my blog, I'm sure it's not original, but then again, what is anymore... Blog Therapy. That's what I'm doing, blogging for therapy. Look for so many more updates for the rest of my mortal existence & if I could figure out a way to ghost the machine, I would.

So that's how I see it and that's that.. it is what it is.

seen this way @ 10:46 AM EST by Sean

Trapped (in a web of Love)

Love's the big game hunter who held the poison dart
I was game and you took aim and struck me to the heart

Trapped in a web of love
I'm trapped in a web of love

Love's a big witch doctor who stirred a brew for me
I took sips from your sweet lips and now I can't get free


Like a bird in a cage flapping it's wings in rage
I can't fly away
You've clipped my wings I've got to stay

Love's a great big monster with oh so many charms
It wrapped itself around my heart with sixty million arms


I'm trapped, baby!

Whatcha Doin' Tonight (sam's calling)

Hey baby, whatcha doin' tonight?
I hope I called when it's alright
Well I've got this certain case of blues
And if I see you're shining face
I know it will diffuse

Hey baby, how's about a cruise
We can go any place you choose
I heard Mulholland's fine
We'll dig the view and drink some wine
So hey, whatcha doin' tonight?

So baby, tell me whatcha say
If you say no, then that's okay
You know I'd sell my house
Just to catch you, ya cute little mouse
So hey, whatcha doin' tonight?

You know I'd pawn my threads
Just to get you baby right in my bed
So hey, whatcha doin' tonight?
Whatcha doin' tonight?

Lyrics by Royal Crown Revue

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seen this way @ 1:18 AM EST by Sean

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We'll do it all
On our own
We don't need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough


Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own


Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lay here If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

-Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

seen this way @ 11:33 AM EST by Sean

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So apparently I've come out of hiding... According to google, by going to google and typing "[Your First Name here] was arrested for" you can find out amazing things about yourself. Ultimately the first is the best...

Sean was arrested for digging a hole to Hell, which released numerous evil demons into public.

Yes, yes i did. & honestly the six long days in jail, wishing himself dead? Not so bad... 1931 a decent year for all this... I did however find that this listing for what i was arrested for was already a previous search for this same thing... damnit still unoriginal!!! I wonder how i can let people know I've updated this so people will read again....

Hmm, mass Spam? no, I don't like processed meat that much...

maybe rent an add? nah, too much money for not enough exposure... besides marketing isn't fun anyway.

I know!!!! Publicly streak across each and every basketball tourny game with my website written all over my body!!!

WHOA!!!!!!!!!! wait... no that's not going to work either... I don't have enough cash to get into all the games, let alone the travel fees!!!

So I guess I'm just going to havce to rely on the fact that people do just check this thing... cause I know I'm going to keep doing it.. now more than ever. The world needs me, I'm so damn important to the vastness of life that I should no longer rob the world of me. Ahhh, to be on top again... TOP OF THE WORLD MA!!! top of the world...

Live from Book Den,

...signing off

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